Monday, May 14, 2012

The last 21 days....

The last 21 days have whizzed by like a tornado, exactly what I felt like I was in too! I had emotions that were happy, sad, trying & exhausting. But I am glad to see myself in "another state" of mind too. Refreshed, starting a new (for the time being) & I want to share with you what I have been up too.

You all know that I have moved & I want to share this with you. If you have ever moved from a home you will understand the emotions that I have been through, and each picture I will tell you a memory that I have associated with that picture.  Even though this home is made of concrete, sticks, morter, & roofing, the memories inside are priceless. Just like the song Miranda Lambert says, "The home that built me" ...............

This is a picture of the outside of our house on the day we put it on the market.  This is the 3rd house my husband ( boyfriend at the time) drove up too 10 years ago looking for somewhere to call home. Even though it didn't look like this,
I remember thinking this is somewhere I can "grow" into and start a life with my soon-to-be- husband.
We purchased the house in June 2002 & then shared the next year making it a home before marrying in October 2003.

I think this is the 3 car garage that attracted
my husband to purchase this home.

This is the kitchen that I cooked many meals to my husband and family, always trying new recipes, burning things because I forgot about them, (don't act like you've never done this), cutting my finger to the bone, baking his favorite apple pie, or cooking a roast in the crockpot, & then eventually installing a dishwasher due to too many bottles !!! This kitchen has gone through alot of changes in the 10 years we lived here, but also has many memories of learning lots of things about my husband's cooking (and cleaning) abilities & most importantly the recipe of love !!

And this is the place my family broke bread. We are a traditional in the way that we always ate at the table, & almost always ate together if Jim (my husband) was home. This is where my kids ate their first meals, made messes, spills, thew food when they were mad & also, in the corner is where I remember Isabella taking her first steps when she was just shy of being a year old.

This is the living room that my family shared lots and lots of memories, sleeping on the couch when I first brought both kids home, kids played with their toys, opening presents on Christmas morning, birthday presents on birthdays, having extended family share laughter, tears, & this is the place my husband and I always resorted too in the evening for our 1 hour television shows cuddling on the couch for our snuggle time. ( Before falling asleep on the couch !!) 
AH! This is the ONE BATHROOM that our family shared! We gave our kids their first baths in this tub, & sometimes while one of us is giving kids baths, one of us would be getting ready, while another one would be using the toilet... NOT ALOT OF ROOM! I can't wait until we have one more bathroom (atleast ) LOL!
This was my"our" bedroom, lots of memories... lol ... we will just keep it at that! Ha!

This was my daughter Isabella's room ... until Isaiah came along... then, both of my kids slept in here. Yes, I made them share a room upstairs because our room was upstairs so I didn't want anyone downstairs in the spare room. ( fret of fires etc ) lol... but I think I may have spent a few nights in here too... spending time with a sick kid, or colic kid in Isaiah's case... hmmm the memories...
And this was the "spare" kids toy / guest room that my daughter played in.  While Isaiah's toys were in the living room.

Well now that you have shared the "living quarters" of our house, there is a whole seperate floor where I built a business, shared many memories with alot of my friends and customers. I will share that tomorrow. (Isaiah wants to go outside & play) ... then I will also share our "Shelter House" & then the land where we will be building for our new memories.

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