Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MIA - No wait I'm here

Well, I am sorry to make all my dear and darling post readers waiting, patiently waiting…. I have been MIA and I apologize for this.  I have been busy & I hope to be able to inform you of all the things I have been doing & I have in store for you..
Well, first, I am on just getting home from Hawaii, this will be posted while I am there, sorry to rub it in, but I have you to thank for my presence here! This is my incentive trip that I earned the Oct 2010-September 2011 year and I will be thoroughly enjoying the much needed vacation. When you continue to read I hope you will understand why it’s much needed! J
First I will continue with some GREAT news that I know you are going to go CRAZY for !!!!

Wow, yes, you did read this right!!! This month ONLY from March 1 – 31st, 2012 you can Visit My Website and go to Your Opportunities & become a consultant for only $99, receive the Consultant Kit AND Art Philosophy Collection for ONE low price! Hey, Already have the Art Philosophy Cartridge That’s alright! How about a $100 in product instead?????
Why Join My Team ?
Group Support !
Lean & learn from your teammates for ideas, product ideas & moral support! Someone always there to cheer you on! 
Scared you don’t know everything ? 
                That’s ok! Close to my heart has a GREAT training Academy! You can earn your Bachelor’s, Master’s & PhD in scrapbooking!
Don’t want to “Work” Your Business?
                That’s ok! Just continue to purchase your awesome CTMH product & Now ! Get a 22 % discount! The more you purchase the more you save! (That’s what they say at Kohl’s too!)
Go ahead! Hurry – the time is limited!!! Go get your FREE CARTRIDGE today!!!

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